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Vapor Compression Distiller operating system

Vapor Compression Distiller operating system (BRAM-COR STMC – Steam heating) 

(1) Heat exchanger (for Feed Water preheating and WFI cooling) (2) Heat exchanger (incondensable gas condenser) (3) Distiller tank (4) Condenser (5) Dome (6) Blower (7) Recirculating tank (8) WFI pump (9) Drain manifolds




Water for Injection systems – How the Vapor Compression Distiller works

BRAM-COR STMC Vapor Compression Distiller operating system: the machine always works at an internal pressure higher than atmospheric, preventing outside air from entering the plant.

So, in each distillation phase, the distillate is always at a pressure higher than the feed water thereby ensuring that in the likelihood of leakage, the feed water will never enter the distillate circuit.

Furthermore, in BRAM-COR Vapor Compression still the circuit of the WFI is separated from the circuit of the feed water. Moreover, the circuit of the distillate is under positive pressure.

As a result, in case there should be any leakage it will be the WFI flowing out to the circuit of the feed water and never the opposite. Therefore, the usual contamination problems that can arise by any multiple effect distiller after some 4-6 years of operation could never happen in case of  BRAM-COR Vapor Compression technology.

The special feature of the Vapor Compression Distiller, allowing to produce WFI at any temperature between 25°C and 99°C,together with the possibility to produce any quantity of WFI desired (from 0 to the maximum capacity of the plant), allows to adapt to any customer need. The same distiller can produce WFI for LVP as for antibiotics (heat sensitive injectables).



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